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First launched the 6-port 1,000M Ethernet network Flow Replication/Aggregation Device in China
Time:2013-06-21    Source:Shuwei Communication    Author:Shuwei Communication    Visit:2473
Chengdu Shuwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. first launched the Ethernet 1,000M electrical port flow replication/aggregation device (also called shunt) NT-CTAP-6G product in China after three-year research and development. The product is designed based on the dedicated pure hardware ASIC chip, and researched, developed, designed and manufactured in full accordance with the requirements of carrier-class products, and problems that it is difficult to deploy the device with multi-bypass have been solved. 

NT-CTAP-6G is equipped with 6 10/100/1,000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports, and can simultaneously accomplish the 1-N or N-N flow aggregation and reduplication functions; NetTAP product’s unique port replication and grouping technology can lead a product to simultaneously copy two independent links to the other links without mutual interference; meanwhile, its unique product with integrated flow replication and aggregation function can be flexibly applicable to flow replication and aggregation so that the single monitoring port bypass equipment still can monitor the flow of several switches without the support of RSPAN, which therefore effectively reduce the load of switch so as to achieve a more stable network. 

NT-CTAP-6G adapts the pure signal replication methods, so it can be completely compatible with encapsulation in different Ethernet frame formats, and achieve irrelevant Ethernet encapsulation format. The product can support 802.1Q TRUNK encapsulation, even Q-IN-Q multi-layer TRUNK encapsulation without worrying about the deployment compatibility. 

NT-CTAG-6G’s built-in flow replication engine capacity is over 6G, so simultaneously copying to 5 ports from one port won’t lose message. 

In addition to one-way channel for signal replication, NT-CTAP-6G is also equipped with single signal loopback channel so that some products that need send data in the backward direction from bypass links (such as blocking function of IDS intrusion detection system, authorization blocking function of active auditing system) can be supported. NetTAP products independently support the reverse loopback function of flow duplicator on the basis of understanding the deployment of safety products. 

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